Monday, 24 December 2007

Nearly there!! :)

Right, cookies are done (just my Vanillekipferl are always going outwards and don't stay in the shape I make them in ... REALLY have to get that sorted ... shame my granny is senile so I doubt she will be able to discuss her recipe with me. :( ).

Mrs Claus' helper has brought in the tree and decorated it with just tiny help - next year he can do it without supervision. LOL.

Just printing the recipe for the gravy and then I'll tackle the BIRD (a duckling). :D

Quickly wishing everyone in Germany and on mainland Europe


Will be back online tomorrow or later tonight. :D

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Dörte said...

Hi Kat
hope you had a god Christmas ... ups mehr schaffe ich jetzt mal wieder nicht auf englisch ... grins - ich muß einfach mehr üben ;o))