Saturday, 1 December 2007

On the first day of December...

I've opened my first gift from the SBS Forum's Advent Calendar. Beautifully wrapped ... and LOVELY gifts inside. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you the photo with the contents as we have to keep it hushed for the others in my group (and I know at least 1 person who reads my blog from time to time *waves to Andrea* ). But here it is wrapped ... love the idea with the slice of orange .. may do that next year!
Also had my choccie, but didn't have the wooden Advent Calendar down until late the evening as well as my tea advent calendar. So will posting today's tomorrow.

As I've done the "manifesto" for Shim's Christmas Journal already in 2006 here it is ... Unfortunately, the situation is still the same ... hoping that this will be the last Christmas only the two of us.

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Lisa said...

Kat love your pages and love the wrapping you got your pressie in x