Tuesday, 4 December 2007

On the 4th day of December

Well... just a quick note about Calendars and Shimelle's class (I checked and I actually have layouts done until tomorrow and then 2 (?) more later on. So Thursday I will do my first "original 2007 layout" for this journal/album. :)

Today's prompt was "Perfect/Ideal Christmas".

I got my first Chrimbo Card at the Cross Stitch Group today (Thanks, Kathleen!!). None by post yet. :) And I haven't written mine yet, and tomorrow (1opm at DrumBrae Leisure Centre) is the last day for Scout Post!!! Have to go to work early and leave early so I can do the cards tomorrow! Probably will rush into the leisure centre for 9:45pm or so. LOL! Gosh, never been that disorganised for Christmas!!!

My present from the Scrap Advent Calendar today was from Heidi! THANKS, HUN! Love the vellum envelope and your drawings on it (and of course the contents of the pressie!). :)

And now to my daily tea ... it was a special black tea (not flavoured for a change). Darjeeling First Flush FTGFOP - shame that I am a day behind with DRINKING the tea ... and tomorrow I'm at work, so that'll be a bit longer as well... :o

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