Thursday, 20 December 2007


Gosh, what a day! Got up at 8:20am (40 mins before my alarm!), got dressed and cleared the kitchen counter and the cupboard where our plastic tubs live. Then I put the Wolves Jerseys and pants from Sunday (washed and hung up to dry on Monday) into the team bag and moved that up. Quick breakfast and then I went upstairs to start on the Wolves Sponsors Christmas Cards. Wording??? NO idea, so quick (???) search online and then an e-mail fired off to the GM to check. Couldn't find my hermi roller so used double sided sticky tape for the photo (they are not made to last afterall) - and fortunately the photos were just a tick larger than the front of the card... so it took a bit of precision work, but was all ok (2 cards were 2 attempts but worked still ok). Dashed downstairs again to get some lunch and make some tea.

Still no sign of that dishwasher guy... Moved the mobile doorbell from the kitchen to the stairs as I couldn't hear one of our players ringing the bell on Monday. Got the e-mail back from GM with the wording. Working in MSWord for about 15 mins to create the card inlay - printing off a proof to check spacing ... and that's when the trouble started! Printer decided to need a new magenta cartridge. Not a problem really, as we have always cartridges in stock. Only problem is ... our printer doesn't automatically just print nicely once a cartridge was changed. NOOOOO! It starts to play up and needing about 30 mins cleaning/nozzle checking etc. And once that was working ok for the magenta it suddenly decided in a space of 5 minutes that the Blue cartridge and the big black one is empty as well (yes, they were showing as running LOW since this morning but usually you get another day out of it AT LEAST).

Then the electrician decided to turn up. I spent the time with him downstairs (about 1.5 hours) as I don't like leaving repair guys etc. alone in my house (well... me being on the 3rd floor = same effect!). Was a nice guy, we chatted a bit. Took quite a while to get the integrated machine out, because Chip had been very vigilant with the screws etc. :) Once the machine was out and the pump tested (was working fine) he tested some small thingy regarding the heater and THAT was the problem. Really, a 1" thing!! Causing such a hassle!!! :( At least he had one of those with him and exchanged it and the pump (just in case).

At that point my stepmum phoned from Germany - was good to hear from her, she got a broken ankle and is housebound for 4 weeks (after OP) already. We sorted out her Amazon wish (my Dad put her books on his own list so I wasn't sure) and chatted for 20 mins. Then DH phoned (again) to check whether the electrician had shown up.Another 20 mins with the electrician and I finally was able to go back upstairs to get the cards sorted (already 2:30 pm!!!)

Next step for the cards was to do the address labels ... got a pack of no-name ones and it took me 30 mins to set up a template for them on Word!AAARRGGH!!! Printed off the address labels, printed off the inlays and then found my other hermi (red) and was able to stuck down 3 inlays before the hermi decided to be empty!!!! Not a happy bunny (doublesided sticky tape is fiddly!!) but managed to get the cards done.

Then I finished my last 6 handmade cards for private use, wrote them and then used the labels for addresses as well - just to realise that I don't have a current address for Karen (KAZ) from the Memory Avenue Crops!!! She sent me an Xmas card ... but no return address.


So, if anyone has her current address, could you please let me know? :)

And ... at 4pm I realised that I (and the GM) missed a very important sponsor - Condor Self Drive - because they didn't take part in the raffle but provided us regularly with vans to move kit etc. The photos were all used, so I had to print one off myself, hoping that the printer is doing its name justice (it's a Canon PIXMA iP4000) - which it did. I still had a leftover inlay and got the card done fairly quickly.

Then I wrote my last 2 cards (EFREC & my "Voodoo woman" Julia) and dashed out to make the last posting date for UK 1st Class!!!


Now I am just shattered, and all my muscles ache from the tension of the day.

Hope I can catch up tomorrow and Saturday/Sunday with Christmas Journal entries.

Quick re-cap:
  • Christmas Cards - done (minus 1)
  • Christmas presents - bought/done (minus 1 but that's a quick one)


Dörte said...

Na das war ja ein "busy day" ... hoffe das ist so richtig - meinte ein vollgepackter Tag ;o)))

Heather said...

Gosh - I'm tired just reading about your busy day! :o Well done on being so productive in the face of so many hassles.

Lisa said...

phew - what a day - Glad you got so much done. It would probably take me about a week to do all that xx

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