Monday, 11 December 2006

Where's the day gone???

Woke up shattered ... still battling with that stupid cough (coming up 4 weeks now). Around lunchtime I took the bus to pick up a compost carry bin which I got through freecycle and also wanted to post the last bit of US Christmas post and some of the Ebay sellings.

PO at our end was busy - so I caught the bus, got to the next PO - which had lunch break for a further 10 mins and already there was a looong queue. So I decided to get the bin first (2 biggish items carrying about ... 1 "pizza box" and one big padded envelope - both with several magazines, so HEAVY) and when I got back the queue in the PO was still there ... I caught the bus home and at our PO the queue was going out of the door! Needed to post the things and wanted to get it done before going to the gym though so waited for 15 mins and finally got the stuff sent off!! ;)

Gym - decided to do the rowing first and then the cross country machine and managed to do 368 kcals.

Got home, sat down to read post and then went on to prepare dinner...and then went upstairs to sort out online postage printing for the other Ebay items ... I try to avoid the queues at the POs now!!

Totally shattered, back hurts a little (sore muscles ... not used to do the rowing machine) and tired as well.

Not in the mood or state of mind to do any catch up with the Christmas Journal or to do any cards, so will leave this for tomorrow ... as well as studying and cleaning the house a bit. At least I am not going to have a trip to the gym (that's due on Wednesday again).

Tea today: "Winterzauber" (Winter magic - a redbush tea with cinnamon, cardamon, almonds).


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