Saturday, 2 December 2006

Today's flavor was ....

Gwendolina's Backaepfelchen!!!
(Black tea with baked apple - probably apple crunch flavor)

Currently doing my second entry in the journal and will post both the first and the second entry asap. Sorry for the delay... :O

Have been stash shopping... and spend quite a lot of money on it (thanks Oma Meckel ... that'll be Christmas sorted then!! ;) ).

  • Stazon Black and Opaque White (plus one set for Lisa)
  • DCWV Christmas Card Stock 8.5 x 11 (good enough for the Christmas Journal)
  • 8x8 Album (for my "Book of me")
  • Things for my Crop Secret Santa
  • Things for my Stocking Swap Swapee
  • Christmas Embellies (Bottle caps, dome stickers etc.)
  • Christmas word stamps
  • A4 box with embellishment boxes (Storage is always good)
  • 3 sets of Brads
  • Patterned paper DC comics (for pics of DH! ;) )
  • 1 Whale of a punch 2" cirlce punch (which will be delivered Monday or Tuesday)
  • 2 sets sausages (well.. you know craft fairs - they always get either choccies or nuts etc in - and I thought better sausages than choccies ... ;) )
And that's it I believe .... :) Wanted to get some wool for knitting my gnomes but then dismissed that - may get some at the charity shops.

Off to finish entry #2 and then will be back with the photos!!! :)

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