Thursday, 7 December 2006


Only about 5hrs sleep last night and woke up with a thumping headache just to get the whole package!! :(

Was supposed to meet a friend for lunch today but her daughter was feeling unwell yesterday so we agreed to skip it. I still went into town to do some shopping (got DH's last Xmas pressie and provided a wish list with Stampers Grove so DH can have a look there as he always seems to be stumped for presents for me!! HUH!

Waiting for the Telewest Man to turn up ... one of our neighbouros needs their help and Telewest thinks the big connection box is in our garden (well.. it isn't - it's next door!). Have to wait for them to pop around to tell them before I can leave the house.

Well... I came across this here yesterday (Calorie burning challenge) and I thought we may as well do it... both of us need to lose weight, and I usually rake up around 300 kcal during one 30 min cardio session anyway.

So once the Telewest man has been I'm going to the gym to get signed up and burn the first calories !! ;)

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