Saturday, 9 December 2006

I'm not really a herbal tea person...

And Chilli and Tea (or Hot Chocolate probably) don't work I think.... however, my tea today is a herbal ayuverda tea (funnily enough - it's KAPHA and it's apparently my Dosha!).

Kapha has the following ingredients: Ginger, blackberry leaves, Melissa, Parsley, Fennel (hate that!!), Coriander, Chili und Cardamom.

That tea is really very spicy and I am able to take one sip ... that burns my throat!!! But I still have the hope that it's helping with that irritating cough. The burning in the throat kinda takes my mind off it!! ;) And once the burning sensation has gone it's actually ok... I think! ;)

Right, having lunch now and then will go to the gym for part 2 of the challenge.... I burnt
360 kcals yesterday!! :)

Today's picture shows my tea maker my Mutsch got me in Germany. It's got a sieve container under the lid where you place your tea leaves. Hot water is going up the copper pipe so you have even distribution of the tea. The pipe can move about 1.5cms and therefore can always collect water (or tea.. LOL). So you have constantly liquid going through your tea leaves.

I LOVE that little gadget!!!

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