Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Crappy day... :( (Beware! Rant - mode!!!)

It's absolutely miserable outside (chucking down with rain and windy as well) and I really don't want to go out but will have to as I have to go to the post office to get 2 larger envelopes to send pressies ... and I want to go to the gym to do my next calorie burning.

It's a full week now I think that we had that miserable weather - nothing but rain, sometimes sleet and hail as wel...! That's enough to pull someone down. :(

But no, it's even worse here!! The hormone treatment is supposed to put me onto a temporary menopause, i.e. no "witch" coming along (menses)... but whatever is going wrong inside me, I am having the full blown thing with cramps and all the mess... :( Have phoned the docs as it's fairly upsetting/worrying (wrong dose for me?) and I am now waiting for a call back.... but of course it's Wednesday, and it's now 12:15pm ... can I expect a callback today? Have the funny feeling I have to wait until tomorrow to get my answer... and they probably phone when I am on the way to have lunch with some of my ex-colleagues....

And of course that stupid tickly cough is not gone EITHER!!! *RANT*


Tea today - "Kaminfeuer" (Fire in the Fireplace), which is Hibiscus, Apple, Cinnamon, Almonds ... but I still have to finish yesterday's tea (Told you I don't like fruit teas that much!!)!!

At least I got nearly all European Christmas Cards done... just 2 to go.


Ramona said...

Hi, you know what- I just had the very same tea, bought at tee gschwendtner in w├╝rzburg, where my parents live.

Ramona said...

Forgot to ask- which tea did you like best?