Sunday, 3 December 2006

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

... but unfortunately no snow! Instead, we have high winds/gales of 60 - 80 mph. And to top that up there's LOADS of rain ... Got nearly drenched three times today! Went to training this morning (and missed out on the external HD for DH because we didn't get to Aldi before training! :( ) - indoors fortunately - and managed to get all addresses onto my laptop, so will start the Christmas Cards tomorrow.

After training (big turnout for the first real training - and HC really drilled them with fitness!!) we went to Aldi and Lidl for food shopping... including a pre-cooked Lobster DH insists on making next Saturday ... I wouldn't DARE to cook something like that... ;) I'll keep you up-to-date as to how successful it was ... just in case we'll have some "emergency food" in the house. How does one open the lobster? Can you use a Nut cracker thingy for it???? Serious question here!!! ;)
Well.. I have read Shim's prompt for today and have done the journalling on the PC already but as we only returned home at 5:30pm I skip the LO and do it with tomorrow's.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who have commented on my blog about my 2 entries already!! Much appreciated!

Think I have finally some side effects from the Zoladex ... am feeling tired (well... that may just be normal for me LOL) and suddenly had a red face - hot flushes are part of it. Face was totally red and temp went up to 38 degrees in my ear, but the rest of the body was normal temp. Have to check if that's a hot flush? ;)

Okidok ... better go and get some other things done.

Today's tea was "Sencha Claus" btw - green tea with almond and oranges. NICE!!


nat said...

- Lecker Tee - klingt super! Dir einen schönen Wochenanfang!

sharonfruit said...

Well done on your journal entries so far! I think we are doing quite well - better than last year anyway ;o)

I haven't a clue how you get into a lobster. Hammer and chisel?!

Hope the hot flushes (and the weather) calm down soon.

Sharon xx