Sunday, 3 December 2006

First Advent!! :)

Usually we have a real advent wreath, but in the last couple of years it was always a problem to get it - or they were too expensive, so this year I caved in and bought a craft kit to make my own from Opitec and I am actually quite happy with how it turned out. Am planning on getting some pine aroma therapy oil just to put a few drops onto the wreath for the effect...

And here's the entry for Day 3 of the Christmas Journal - Today's prompt was "Christmas Cards" ... anyone got any yet? I haven't yet. :) I have included this year's English Newsletter as well - but haven't been able to fit it into one of the pockets so it's behind the journalling cards.

Journalling reads:

We've not received any Christmas Cards yet - and I have none sent. I always have the good intentions to make my own cards - but it usually is just that - good intentions. It doesn't help that Doug always seems to buy Christmas Cards in the Boxing Day/January sales - I think I have 6 different boxes!!

My other aim since 2005 is to send local cards by Scout Post - so I really try to have them ready the first weekend in December - collection usually ends on 6th December. Then I have the cards going to my penpals in Australia, Canada, USA, Europe (3 different last posting dates) and then UK. Aim again is to send them before the last posting dates but it usually is a mad rush.

And it's always me sending Christmas Cards - Doug doesn't bother really. Not sure why I am including people who are friends of Doug's parents etc, but I am duly updating my address book with people who send us Christmas Cards. And I may just prune out the ones who haven't sent us cards.

Most of my cards include a "Family Newsletter" - specially for people who live far away and I haven't been very good with keeping in touch with them. Several of my friends are getting Christmas E-mails - just to keep up-to-date with today's technology.

Actually I have planned to transfer my address book from my Psion to my notebook (well, finish it) which means manual typing as the Psion has only a analogue connection cable and the only PC who takes this is Doug's old PC which is not connected to anything anymore.

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