Friday, 8 December 2006

Am on the New Beta Blogger now...

Wonder how much trouble I'll have with it - the comments about it are divided, but I think it will work out ok.... :)

Currently watching "Cold Case" and then am going to clean the inside of the kitchen windows and hang up the little lantern lights.

After lunch I'm off to the gym to do my 30 mins or whatever it takes to get a start on the 1500 kcal by 17th December!!

Still so much to do ... and have to catch up with the Journal Entries, but I hope to make a headway on this later tonight.

Today's Advent Calendar Tea is a green tea called "Asatsuyu" - a very fresh green tea (Sunflowers and "Pfingstrose").


nat said...

Hey - I love Cold Case- wish it would come now LOL!

socialbutterfly said...

and i'm thinking about changing to beta!! but i'm a little bit chicken-hearted ;) maybe you can tell me about!!

warum sprichst du so gut deutsch??