Friday, 1 December 2006

What is it with moving house in December????

Well, our neighbours are moving... BOTH - left and right. And I promise, we don't smell... ;) Neither do we listen to loud music.

Mmmh, it's a thing with getting a garage, a bigger house (how much bigger do you want it? The smaller one to the right is 4 bedrooms!!) and Vicki and Graham want a bigger garden (she's a florist).

Shame that Vicki & Graham are moving. We really had a nice friendship, cuppa teas, watching DVDs, having BBQs.... but at least they're not moving far - just about 30 mins walk from here - 5 mins by car.

Just feels weird - we all moved into the houses in 2002 after they had been redecorated etc. All new in and now they are all moving! :o

DH and I won't be moving. We love our house ... 4 bedrooms + study is enough. Well... saying that we won't be moving... let's say we won't be selling our house. We still have that idea of moving to Canada for a couple of years at some point ...

Just hope they get into the new houses ok - both have been using the same Movers and they had identical vans!! LOL.

Off to study a bit before making dinner and then rewarding myself with my first Christmas Journal Entry!! :)


nat said...

LOL - I had to laugh about your first sentence - I'm sure you great to have as a neighbor!

Kel said...

Hi Kat,
I have been meaning to come and see your blog - I like. In answer to your question, I don't have any special connection to Vienna, other than affection and my Mum often having to go there for work, so it is convenient to meet. I hate it when good friends move and I am jealous of your 4 rooms & study!!! I am looking forward to starting my Christmas journal today.
Kel x