Thursday, 21 December 2006

Only 3 days to go...

...and it still doesn't really feel Christmassy around here.... :( Not sure why, but I seem to have that "slump" nearly every year. Maybe I should follow the UK tradition of putting up the tree a week before Chrimbo? Or put more decos up? Or maybe leave the ironing and housework as it is? NO IDEA!!!!

So if anyone has seen some Christmas spirit flying about, please let me know and send some to me. :(

Back to finish the ironing ... and then make some cookies ... not sure if that does the trick? Have been watching Xmas movies like stupid ... and it still doesn't work.... :(


scrapdolly said...

If anyone sends you the christmas spirit break a bit off for me

I think we are all just so busy!

Heather said...

Sorry you're feeling glum, chum.

Have you tried playing Chritmas CDs? Or maybe go to a Christmas service at a church on Sunday?

I look forward to seeing more of your Christmas journal entries. :)