Saturday, 9 December 2006

Still trying to catch up

I am 4 days behind with my Journalling but think I should be able to catch up - will take tomorrow to try my best! :)

As for today's tea ... I've had 2 mugs of it and that was it ... couldn't take the chilli anymore, so it went down the drain. Have checked my tea advent calendar and there is no further ayurverda tea as nasty surprise ... well, there has to be ONE tea you don't like, eh?

Gym workout went fine... burnt another 369 kcals - so if I keep that up I should be able to get the 1500 kcal in 2 days ... but I am planning to go Monday, Wednesday and Friday to the gym... just to get back into the swing of things.


nat said...

Wait - what you mean, you checked the advent calendar? You opened all doors - LOL!!!

Kat said...

no, Nat - never would do that!!! :o ... the Tea one shows the tea taster packets ... FORTUNATELY!! :)