Friday, 28 March 2008

When it rains ...'s a blinking deluge here (pours is not enough!)!!!

One of our coaches who was supposed to pick up the kit and a couple of players and then go to Fordell Firs directly fell sick and cannot attend the weekend. DH is one of the few who are insured to drive a van and is now loosing 3 hours he had set aside to pack his stuff and preparing things for camp because he has - AS BLIMMING USUAL - to do the fire fighting!!!

Right now he's on the way to pick up the van, go to JKC to get the kit, pick up one of the players and drop off the van at another player who fortunately can drive the van! Then he has to come back (not before 7pm - he had planned to be home at 4pm!) and do all the other stuff so we won't be at Fordell Firs until approx. 9pm.

THEN my Mutsch just phoned and told me that the contusion in the lumbar region last July was not a contusion at all but a blinking double break of the L2 (2nd lumbar vertebra). Her Doc got her a quick date for an OP - but of course that now coincides with our arrival in Germany (she's not even going to see us before she's off - she will be in hospital on the 10th April in the morning, while we arrive in the afternoon!) and she has to stay in hospital for 3 weeks ... so we will only meet her when we visit her!! OFFS!!!

She told me not to think about cancelling the holiday, my sis will pick us up from the airport and we'll be doing something on the Friday with my nephew and her. We'll have the keys to my mum's flat and the car as well... but still... what else is going to happen in my life? Anyone else wanting to throw more stones in the way? GRRRRRRR!!!!!

Ok ... off to get the projector and camera sorted for the weekend ... not much I can do to help DH, but I'll try my best.

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Heather said...

Oh no, what a pain! Sorry for the hassles you're going through (and that the coach and your Mutsch are sick/in pain).

I hope the weekend goes very well, with lots of scrummy food bought!