Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Not long to go...

It's Wednesday evening, and in about 1 hour I am going to switch off the lights ... and then will get up about 6:45am tomorrow to have some toast and then go back to bed until 9am.

The cyst is cramping quite a bit today, hurts more than my little toe ... and to top it all up the "witch" arrived .. 3 days early. I don't think it makes a difference to the OP tomorrow, but hope that's correct. Don't want them to push the OP back as I suspect that if we don't do the draining tomorrow I'll be rushed into hospital again with acute infection etc.

We've been to the cinema after work - our first film in March we think (after approx. 6 movies in February). As we've got our Cineworld Pass we should watch at least 2 movies each to get a bonus out of the £11.99 per month. Ah well.

What did we see? "Be Kind Rewind". VERY funny movie, and typically Jack Black! :) Had a good time there, glad we decided to watch it, as it helped taking my mind off things. I know it's about to finish in cinemas, but if you want to watch a comedy ... go and see it! Unless you don't like Jack Black that is. :)

Right - speak to you tomorrow or Friday ... possibly on bedrest anyway, so will be blogging a bit.


Joanne Cowie said...

Glad to hear your toe's feeling better hope they were able to go ahead to day and try and enjoy the bedrest :)

Heather said...

I hope the procedure today went well, Kat, and that you aren't in too much pain or discomfot.