Tuesday, 11 March 2008

General musings

regarding General Anaesthetics. Just flicking through the leaflet I had in my hands already 3 times since I arrived in Scotland 9 years ago. :o

Somehow I am getting to the point to wonder how many GAs (General Anaesthetics) a person gets through until you are getting onto the side effects/complications section?

I mean ... I get the very common and common side effects (apparently 1 in 10 and 1 in 100)
- Sore Throat (because I am a grade IV throat)
- Headache
- Dizziness
- Aches, pains and backache

Uncommon side effects and complications (that's 1 in 1000)
- Muscle pain
- Damage to teeth, lips or tongue (again, grade IV throat - small)

I've never had any of the rare or very rare complications which are 1 in 10,000 and 1 in 100,000. And then of course there's the "biggie" - there are probably about five deaths for every million anaesthetics in the UK. They are usually caused by a combination of 4 or 5 complications together.

Just mathematically ... how many GAs do I have to go through until I get the possibility to be one of the 5 in a million??? :0

Ach well, I know ... shouldn't be thinking about that anyway. I am just feeling a bit more aware of my trips onto the OP table in the UK ... in Germany I was there 3 times during childhood for eye operations, and I've never been in hospital since I was 5/6 years old. I still have my appendix and everything else is still in place (minus the fallopian tubes but plus endometrium out of place - sorry, but I am coping best when being a little sarcastic!).

So that's that off my chest for a bit. It's highly unlikely I will have any of the rare/very rare complications. I will have to remind the anaesthesist not to even CONSIDER chipping my front teeth again (LOL) and I also will have a laugh and maybe discussion with them again... they never believe when I tell them they will have trouble to get the cannula in my hand (my veins just LOVE to collapse or roll).

We've got a Customer Service Conference all day tomorrow. Will have to get up earlier to get there in time, and from previous experience (that's about 5 years with similar things) I don't expect too much. Apparently last year's was great, but this year's seems not to be as good.

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