Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter

Hope you all have a nice day with lots of eggs... ;) I am mostly still in bed, although I don't need as many painkillers anymore - just taking them now when the pain gets worse.

The OP has been mixing up life a bit here the last week ... didn't do anything for St. Paddy's day (not that I am usually wearing the green, but a guinness or murphy's is usually in it!) and Easter is faaaar too early this year as well. Usually I do paint a couple of eggs and we have "Gruene Sosse" - but I've used the last batch of the herbs from Germany (from the freezer) earlier this year. Not good, but at least I don't have to explain DH how to do the sauce.

As for eggs - no coloured ones this year (don't know if they actually sell painted chicken eggs in the shops over here... in Germany they do) but I got a nice Aero Egg and on Thursday morning before the OP I got a parcel ... my best friend Sharon sent me an Easter Egg via Hotel Chocolat. SOOO GREAT, hun!!! Thanks soo much! And sorry that I totally forgot everything there ... no Easter Card, no egg.. no nothing. :o

I've even only now sent electronic Easter Cards to my family in Germany!! But I assume I've got a good enough excuse... :o

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Heather said...

Is that eggs served with ORANGE? Hmm, loks pretty good apart from that!

Glad you're beginning to feel a bit better, and that you've got a good friend like Sharon to send you chocolate!