Thursday, 6 March 2008

Busy time has started...

Right, gone missing a little... LOL. Lots of things on my mind, and the annual frenzy of getting Player Applications done and dusted is just peaking ... We've got a pre-season game on the 15th and have to have our rookies all registered by then. The "Vets" from last year are fortunately registered until end of March.

Have been clearing DH's computer corner a little just now ... should have started in my corner, but somehow it's easier to clean for others first, isn't it? :D Will try to make a little in-road today in my corner though.

And finally... here's the Mother's day card for my MIL ... I've been switching off my big PC every time before I went onto the laptop, so never had the chance to do anything. It's actually the "Pansy & Daisy Wreath" (SFL 34034) from Rubberstamp Tapestry and it's the first time I actually used it like they show it on the Craft shows. :D Quite fun actually, just need more ink pads. *LOL*

Update on health - the headaches are Tension Headaches, what with all the stuff that's going on in my life ... here just a quick "THANK YOU!!!" to those ignorant and vicious people (refraining from swearing here!!) who don't have a life!!
So I am currently on Co-Codamol & stronger Ibuprofen at request while I am not "cycling" and the "4Head" is coming to some good use as well. Feeling ok at the moment though.

Have been waiting for a call/letter from the New Royal regarding my laparoscopy for a while but it's finally through - I've got the "pre clerking" on Monday and the OP itself will be on the 20th (wahey ... Easter weekend in pain ... ah well, maybe it's not that bad!). It's going to be day-surgery so I might not even have to stay overnight.

The cyst is currently "speaking up" from time to time, when I twist the upper body and sometimes "just because". Glad the lap is going to be that quickly with enough time to recover for the first ever Wolves Training Camp and of course the trip to Germany. :)

Well... off to put on another Wolves wash and then maybe trying to get some clearing (not yet cleaning!) in here ... need a big black bin liner for that. LOL.

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Heather said...

Nice to see you posting again. Sorry you're still getting lots of headaches.

Good luck with the clearing. I've a lot of that to do too!