Tuesday, 25 March 2008

First painkiller free day

for the post OP pain that is. Just to kick me up the back side my head decided to put in a migraine for good measure. :( Woke up with headache after 6 hours sleep (just couldn't fall asleep last night) and during the day it disappeared and now I have the blurry vision - so "4head" and 2 co-codamol to prevent any further attacks...

Tummy is all blue and yellow, nice bruises really. The nurse at my GP has no appointments free until Thursday, so getting the stitches out won't happen until then.

Currently not happy with the whole thing - laparoscopy to drain the cyst is fine, then about 6-12 monhts later it's refilled as they don't remove the cyst because they are worried about damaging the ovary. So I am going to have laps again and again, until we may have a positive IVF cycle and then my specialist strongly suggests we go down the road of hysterectomy/removal of the ovaries.

I know that I had endo probably since I started to have my period as I always had very heavy bleeding and lot of pain/cramps to boot. I suspect that the IVF treatment does not really help, as the stimulation drugs are having their "positive" effect on the endometrioma as well. What I don't know is why my body decided not to bleed the cysts in the last 2 years by itself but instead to increase the size so much that I either have to be rushed to A&E or that I have to do a laparoscopy before it comes to that point.

Yes, I have severe and agressive endo - but what else can be done? Surely the whole infertility treatment is nothing but a vicious cycle?

I'm at the moment fed up with both endo and IVF but have been in this position before so don't think I am totally giving up (just before DH is getting worried). But when would I have to make that decision?

Mmmmh... it's probably the Zolly talking...

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Anam_Kihaku said...

**hugs** i feel so you so badly. i wish i could give you the magic answer but the only thing that worked for us for acupuncture and chinese herbs - both times. I wish it was easier :(