Monday, 10 March 2008

Busy weekend and all that. :)

This weekend was just busy busy busy. Friday night we went to our friend's housewarming party. Usually I don't really like going to "themed" parties, but this time we did dress up... Theme was "Come as you are ... when the firealarm goes off". DH was in Referee Top, jogging bottoms and had his whistle around the neck (the only thing I could quickly throw together as he was very delayed at work) and I was wearing my bathgown and one of those turban towels on the head (plus slippers in our friend's flat). We had his gift (only one - the others just brought BYOB really... what's wrong with this country/generation?????) and when we arrived we were the only ones apart from the host and his other half who dressed up ... the others were all in their normal clothes (jeans etc.). Bit boring. But hey, I was NOT embarassed ... would have been worse if I'd been the ONLY one dressed up. :D

Saturday DH and I went to a "Good to Great" session from the Edinburgh Volunteer Centre, the topic was how to improve Committee Management. It was very interesting, was very good for "networking" and although most of the points were not relevant for us (unlike the other 2 sports teams and of course all the Volunteering organisations) as the Wolves were set up by a group of friends and the management/coaching staff are still friends, so not the normal hierachy like in a company or other sports teams/clubs.
After the late night Friday it was a looong day (9:45am - 4pm), but DH is still alive (he volunteered me to go with him to that training session). *LOL*

Sunday the usual rush with Youth training (we were at JKC just after 10am, so not too bad considering we picked up the Youth Headcoach from the Bus & Ride at Herriot Watt Uni), Seniors afterwards until 5pm - and from 3:30pm onwards we had the frenzy of not enough jerseys! We have a huge squad, have wrong sized players *LOL* (we got old jerseys from Temple University so not the usual jersey numbers 1-99 but given numbers and sizes only). I still have to shuffle some numbers around but that's ok.

Today I had a longer lie in (didn't set the alarm in error - woke up at 10:50am!!! Well, no wonder considering the missing sleep from the weekend!), rushed to get player applications done and everything scanned (most forms were already scanned, but still 5 to do) and then I dashed out to the bus stop to get to the hospital for the pre-clerking ... just to have the bus being delayed. :( So I decided that I just give my driving in the UK another stint ... : ) It all went well, no problems at all, even with the driving rain.

Pre-clerking was fairly quick (probably because I have had the same procedure already 3x - laparoscopies), and I am now more or less set for the 20th. It's day surgery only, not my usual Ward 210 - probably because I wasn't rushed to the hospital twice in 3 months with my cyst. It's an afternoon OP, so 11:30am turning up and then between 5 and 8pm back home if all is going ok. Not allowed to eat anything after 7am though (GEESH - probably have a very early breakfast at 6:45am and then go back to bed!) .

After the pre-clerking I went back to JKC to do a big search for missing jerseys but couldn't find any, phoned one of our coaches who helped with the jerseys in the past and asked him to check at home if he got some. Ah well, with a bit of shuffling about I can put everyone in a jersey come Saturday for the pre-season game against the Kent Exiles (who are playing a division higher than us this year but asked us for a "friendly").

If you want to come along (and probably brace the weather) - kick off is at 1pm at JKC (Jack Kane Centre) in Niddrie. We will be there from 10:30am onwards.

*If the weather is horrendous and the Edinburgh Leisure pitches are called off the game will be moved to LASSWADE*.

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