Thursday, 20 March 2008

After OP

Back home now - arrived at 8:15pm. Was ok to go to "departure" lounge at 6:45pm ... but couldn't do required "No1" before leaving.

My anaesthesist was not informed of me being a "difficult intubator" due to my jaw anatomy so we had the possibility of the OP to be pushed back as she wasn't too comfortable. Arrived at 11:30am, got seen first time at 11:50am by the nurse and then nothing until 1:10pm for the anaesthesist. Saw Dr. T immediately afterwards and then had to wait until 2:05pm to get changed. Got into the Anaesthesist's room at around 2:45pm and then they took 15 mins to get me sorted. Fortunately, a specialist doc for difficult throats just finished her patient and was able to help my anaesthesist (Dr Burns - a lovely lady!). Got it done with a monitor - stylish! :D As soon as she injected the cocktail I was gone (no problem to get the canula in the hand this time! HURRAH!!)...

Was fairly ok in the recovery area but not 100%, was then rolled to the ward. Had water, tea and 2 slices of toast with jam fairly quickly afterwards but didn't sleep off the drugs, so am currently feeling very dizzy/tired. Who knows when I am drifting off to sleep.

Dr Burns came to see me and suggested I should get a MedicAlert bracelet, because my grade 3 throat can make lots of trouble when i am in a car accident or pregnant and they'd have to intubate me. So I am going to look into this and search for a nice stylish one. Like the sports ones (Wolves colours (Reference 2048R)!! Smiley ), but then might go with a normal bracelet as I can wear on more formal occasions as well.

Waiting for DH to bring up my dinner and have to drink loads as I am absolutely PARCHED!!

Will have to go back to EFREC tomorrow for my first Zoladex Injection

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Anam_Kihaku said...

**hugs** sending gentle recovery vibes your way :)