Friday, 7 March 2008

Lazy day with shopping

Have been online and watching TV today plus doing 2 dark washes and then went out (by bus) to pay in money for the Senior and the Youth/Junior Teams (incidentially at 2 different banks!). First I thought I am going to the RBS & BOS on Corstorphine Road, then remembered that we don't really have the traditional New Home gift (think that's only German though - Salt and Bread "Brot und Salz, Gott erhalt's") for our friend's housewarming party tonight ... so I thought I am going to the RBS at Corstorphine and then to the BOS at The Gyle where I could get the gifts at Morrisons.
But then I remembered the small RBS branch at South Gyle and that was that. :) Paid in money, forgot the slot top of the money box at the bank (which I picked up again on the way home though) and then had a good shop at Morrisons.

Got a plastic collander, whole peppercorns and sea salt for grinding (we have mini cruets at home for people who move into their own house) and a loaf of bread. Now I just have to make the card and then put a little ribbon or so around the collander.

Yep, that's what you get in Germany for your first own place - either Salt & Bread or a bucket with cleaning products. :D I like this tradition but never had a chance to do it over here really. It's the first housewarming party we'll be able to attend, if even only for 2 hours as we have some thing from Edinburgh Volunteers for Committee members tomorrow from 9:30am till 4pm.

Oh... and I signed up for Shimelle's new class ... "There's no place like home". Looking forward to it, love Shim's classes!!

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