Thursday, 27 March 2008

Delayed Easter Mail

This week I got my Easter Mail! :) A nice Easter Card from my friend Doerte in Germany (the card itself is a darker red than the pink from the scan!!)

And this morning arrived a nice care parcel from my Mutsch with faaaaar too much chocolate for us! :D ;)

It contains the following:

1 x "5 Minuten Terrine" Huehner Nudeltopf (Very nice German Cup A Soup from Maggi, Chicken Noodle flavour)
1 x "5 Minuten Terrine" Kartoffelbrei mit Fruehlingsgemuese (as above, but this time potato mash with spring veggies)
1x "5 Minuten Terrine"Broccoli Nudeltopf (as above, but Broccoli Noodle)
2 "Milka" Chocolate Easter Bunnies
2 "Milka" Funny Egg cups with chocolate bunny
1 x "Milka" Easter Chocolate Mix
1 x "Milka" Cream Chocolate Bar
1 x "Milka" Cow Patch Chocolate Bar
2 x "Milka" Easter Bunny shaped Chocolate Bars
1 x "Ritter Sport" Cappuccino Chocolate Bar
1 x "Ritter Sport" Strawberry Joghurt Chocolate Bar
1 cuddly toy (geesh... sounds like a game show now, doesn't it??? LOL) - a pink pig
1 Surprise Egg "Hello Kitty" (Candy, Toy & Stickers)

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