Sunday, 16 March 2008

Self inflicted injury - without playing!!

Well... you don't have to PLAY football to get injured ...

The thing I learned yesterday at the pre-season game against Kent - Don't show players why it's important to tuck in their jerseys by flinging one of them around you by grabbing their jersey (acting as a centrifuge) because they may get off balance and step on your pinky toe with their cleats!!! OUUUUUUCH!!!!

Result ... an angry purple-ish bruise all over the pinky toe, excrutiating pain but at least not broken as far as we (Ambulance guys and myself) figured out. Not going to hospital, as they'd only "buddy tape" the tiny toe and I can do that myself. Will get enough pain killers on Thursday anyway... Might post a photo later - don't have the correct software on the laptop to transfer pics from the camera.

Can't fault the player, just self-inflicted injury. Really should have stayed at the crop!

Ah well... doing ok, it's just a pain that the little toe is doing all the time involuntary movements when you move your foot so more pain than normal.

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Dörte said...

ok ich hab nicht alles verstanden - ausser das du dir irgendwie deinen kleinen Zeh verletzt aber zum Glück nicht gebrochen hast ... du machst ja Sachen !!! Wünsche dir gute Besserung !!