Monday, 13 November 2006

Well... that's the decision through then...

i'll be under the knife on Wednesday. Don't have it 100% offically as the consultant who's doing the OP was not there for the scan (his research morning) but the cyst is still there, still the same size, so I believe I can pack my bag already. :o

Not that worried about the tissue report really (cancerous?) - much more worried about the docs damaging my good/easy to reach ovary (they have already punctured one of the arteries of one of the ovaries when they did the hydrosalpingectomy in January) and reduce my chances of my own eggs.

DH and I touched the subject of DEs (Donor Eggs) when we drove home... we just HAVE to. And while every surgery (we don't know whether key-hole or open yet) still has the risk of death it's not really something we want to touch. Goodness, I have seen the Day Surgery more often in the last 2 years than in my whole life!! Think I'll manage the OP on Wednesday as well!!!

DH seriously asked me if I'd rather adopt ... after all that stuff going about in my "nether regions" he didn't want to force me through pregnancy as well.... Gosh, that man is cute in a weird way.... ;)

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