Thursday, 16 November 2006

Quick laparoscopy

Went to NRIE for 8am on Wednesday and got my bed (21) allocated ... was first to arrive and then was told I was 3rd on the list. Mmmh... thought first come first serve, but obviously the surgeons are just rolling dice the day before.... :(

Standard procedure of getting into that nice backless nightie, talking to the anaesthesist (sp?) - told him about my grade 3 throat (didn't make a bit of a difference afterall!!!) - and then the wait. I took my pre-OP medication at 10:30am (DH left me at 9:30am for work) and believe I was rolled into the theatre at 12pm!!!

New for me I got straight into the theatre, not to the pre-OP room. Had to move from my bed onto the - very slimline!!! - OP table for the first time in my life. Also had the nice DVT socks on for the first time as well. Got the pads for the ECG and one on my leg (not quite sure what that was for?).

Talking to the anaesthesist about the canula and my crappy veins (he tried it on the left hand first, then went with a smaller one into my right arm with the information "I get a bigger one into your hand once you're out". And the horrible gas ... that's just something I'll always remember from OPs ... why can't they have vanilla flavoured gas? Or something along the lines? But no, it has to be the horrible stuff that makes me gagg every time I just think about it!!!

I came to in recovery at around 3pm ... either I had a later start or it was a longer OP again for me. Sore throat (as usual) and a cut lip (at least they left my teeth whole this time!!). Went up to the ward again without problems.

Dr T turned up for the evening ward round and told me fascinating things (well...)... first of all: The cyst was a chocolate cyst on the ... wait for it ... LEFT ovary (HUH? USS showed it always on the right?!?!?!). He drained it ok and also had to cut off the top of the ovary (scarry connection of the cyst?). And then ... FINALLY ... he confirmed that I have Endometriosis.

Not that DH and I have suspected it all along. I think I am showing most of the classic symptoms, including tiredness/lethargy!!! But the last 2 laparoscopies didn't show any so my endo must be very elusive.

A little scared by the constant wording of "Tiger Land" and "Tiger Country" when Dr T was describing my "nether regions" ... must look like a real war zone down there!!!!

Next step is to have a Zoladex implant set next week which will put me onto a 3-month menopause.... Wahey! :( I have done that twice for 2 weeks during down regging, but for 3 WHOLE MONTHS?!?!?! Including all the side effects???? Not too sure I can cope with that (but will, as usual!) and feel already sorry for DH with the mood swings .... :o

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