Thursday, 30 November 2006

Sorry for confusion ....

... I just thought I follow the example of big companies (and Heather K's suggestion) and merge my 2 blogs. Much easier for people to see my crafty stuff as well.

So here it is!! :)

Now I am just looking into how to change the template of the blog ... have to do something personalised really, but don't have a CLUE where to start... so if anyone has an idea (Websites etc.) as to how to do it (I appreciate offers to do it for me - but I really would like to have a go at it myself this time... ;) ) please let me know.


sharonfruit said...

I can help you. You must have realised I am a geek by now ;o) Anything I can't deal with, Graeme can probably fix out.

Sharon xx

Heather said...

I'll see what you learn from Sharon and Graeme and copy. ;)