Saturday, 4 November 2006

Qualified ... First Aider! :)

Well... would be nice to say I'm a qualified Sports Therapist but that has to wait until January hopefully.

But yes, I am now a qualified First Aider - had a 1 day Basic First Aid Course at the British Red Cross an am interested to take up membership with them as well... back in Germany I have been a member of the German Red Cross for 7 years and liked it a lot. Just won't be able to put in as many hours as in Germany due to Wolves and Youth Wolves etc.

But it was fun.... now off to search for "Nelly the Elephant" which is apparently the correct rhythm and lenght for your CPR cycle!!! :O


Heather said...

Nelly the Elephant for CPR, eh? That's good to bear in mind. :)

Kat said...

Yup... twice the refrain and you get your 30 compressions.

Same for babies/toddlers/kiddies - but of course not the full hand to do compression.

sharonfruit said...

Another well done to you! I need to get my first aid certificate at some point too. Old one lapsed years ago.

Sharon xx