Friday, 24 November 2006

Friday of Positives!!! :)

First of all - my friend Sharon is coming up. WAHEY!!!! We're going to meet her for our - traditional??? (LOL) - dinner at Jimmy Chungs. :) And then lots of talk and Xmas presents exchange. I'm missing her quite a lot, specially with all the news I had over the last 2 months.

Next good news - I have received my invite for the Module 12 (which I expected to have to skip because it's on 8 - 10 December) - but the invite shows 26-28th January!!! So ... I can do that AFTERALL!! :) Instead of waiting until March. WOW, that's soooo great!!!

And the 3rd - we have another CyberCrop starting this weekend .... not that I would be able to do lots tonight, but the rest of the weekend I'll be fine! :)

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