Friday, 3 November 2006

No swim!!!

arrrrgghhh!!! Had a slow start again today (feeling still exhausted and as if I don't get enough sleep during the night) and didn't start studying until 11am (had to wait for Tom to pick up the stuff for the Youth Wolves game tomorrow against Fife Fire) and then decided to go swimming at 4pm (once finished my 4x45 mins studying).

Took the car as I thought it would be a bit cold to walk back with wet hair ... and to use the car again (I don't drive very often ... err ... very seldom actually! ;o) ). Arrived to a full car park but didn't think anything about it. However, when I walked to the front desk and saw all those parents in the cafe area it dawned on me that it was Kiddies' swimming classes and that I wouldn't be able to go for a swim today....

Returned home as I didn't want to hang about for 1 hour and then got too involved with cooking dinner - so no swim today.

Will start going swimming and to the gym again regularly from Monday. If I'm going to have the OP on 15th I won't be allowed to go swimming for a while so want to get some swimming in beforehand.

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