Wednesday, 29 November 2006


And it's only 1.20pm!!!

Had the outlaws picking up the car this morning - we're trying to sell it and will get their old one. DH has been phoning me like crazy about things (must have been 5 times already!!) and one of our players/committee members came around for me to have a look at his knee.

Just no TIME!!

Had a lot of "to do's" on my list for today but will have to cut some bits out as it seems.... mmmph!

Just chatting with a pal online and then make lunch (first thing I am going to eat today) and probably wrap some christmas presents.

Have to transfer my address book file from my Psion to the notebook - which means slowly typing in as the files are not compatible!!! :o Then will prepare my christmas card list and write my christmas letter.

Scout post is this weekend so I have to finish the Christmas Cards for Edinburgh tomorrow/Friday.

HEEEEELP!!!! Need the Time Turner from Harry Potter!!! ;)

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Anonymous said...

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