Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Happy Halloween...

Well...our neighbours came around today for dinner (Pumpkin soup with Dried Tomato & Parmesan bread and Chocolate Fudge Pie - good ol' Jello!!) and the long awaited DVD night part 1! :)

We have been talking about watching DVDs for AGES but never managed it ... and now they are going to move to a new house (well.. it's an old house... :) )on 1st December... But not too far, so we probably will visit each other more often than we have done for the 4 years we're now living next door to each other!!

DH put on black jeans and his Batman T'shirt and used my Zag as the "Batman Sweety Dispenser" for the kids. Had surprisingly lots this year, and at least none who are just coming with the "Gie' us yer money" without any joke or song or whatever.

Have to check up on that "Penny for the Guy" thing... never heard of it!

We watched "The Majestic" - really good movie, never heard about it.

Looking forward to "cramming in" a couple more DVD nights with Vickie & Graham before they move. :)

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