Monday, 27 November 2006

Nice day - shame about the mad dash!!

Fairly busy day today.... I had a docs appointment at 9am to get the injection - Zoladex implant - which went fairly ok. Doc said I can expect the side effects to kick in in about 2 days... OOOOOH JOY!!!! ;)

A quick check on the internet (e-mail and all that) and then rushed into town to meet with Sharon and Graeme before they returned to London. Had a nice Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Sundae and enjoyed my time chatting with Sharon while Graeme was mostly quiet (poor soul - nae chance with two crafters!! LOL).

I walked with them to the train station, waited until they were settled on the train and then went Christmas shopping - with the intention to go to Whittards, Lakeland, the German Christmas market, Pound Stretcher and Matalan. Well, I managed Whittards and Lakeland where I got a phone call from DH ordering me back home to take photos of our car. While on the phone to DH I had a missed call - my MIL. Phoned her back and she told me that my FIL would go and check if the car needs a wash and also take a picture if it doesn't. So I called back DH to update, then had a call again from MIL stating that the car didn't need wash and that FIL just took the photo. Again I phoned DH for an update and he asked me to still go home and take a photo of the car so we can put it up on the web for sale.

Still following me so far?????

Well, with the sun(???)set being very early nowadays that meant I had to get home for 3pm to take the photo in good light quality. So a mad dash through Lakeland, quick run to get my lunch (Subway - Meatball Marinara for £1.99), quick dash over the German Christmas market (and yes - the rain started again!!!! :( ) just to get a fleeting look and then I got onto my bus home.


When I got home I managed to take a photo ok and then had a deserved cuppa and my lunch!

Now off to try and suss out that turbo lister for Ebay!!!

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