Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Make up your mind.....?!

Woke with a totally stuffy head, but fortunately still had some sinusitis tablets from the US and they worked a treat (well... supressing sinusitis pain etc.) and at 10am I got a phone call from NRIE from my consultant... asking if I could please come in for another scan??! Why? Didn't they do the scan correctly yesterday?????

Well, had to take the bus and calculated the time wrong ... so went for a quick shop at Lush for a Stocking Swap but resisted to buy Christmas Hot Chocolate at Whittards.

Scan went fine, apparently the cyst has gone down - so now we plan to have a laparoscopy tomorrow at 8am (or whenever it's my turn) and to drain the cyst. If it's bigger than anticipated then we have to cut a bit bigger....

That means my hospital stay can be anything from a day surgery (i.e. release in the afternoon) to full open surgery (release Friday to Sunday?).

mmmh... we'll see.... :o

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