Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Just not my year, is it???

Had my pre-OP assessment this morning ... and it looks like there is no way out of having the OP for the cyst removal. The staff nurse said that a cyst that size is highly unlikely to burst or to reduce in size to just leave it be.

Still have to have my pre-OP Ultrasound on Monday at the ungodly hour of 8am which will then give final say to OP or no OP.

IF I'm going to have the OP I'll be in hospital for 3-4 days, that means I'll be in for DHs birthday and I will miss the crop on Saturday as well... and my module 12 and the exam in December/January are would be in question depending on the method they use to cut me open - recovery may not allow strenuous exercise, and I'd believe that the deep tissue massage would be classified as that if they do classify hoovering as strenuous. Just glad I got the First Aid course out of the way .... putting people in Recovery position would have been definitely strenuous. :O

MIL offered to help with housework etc during recovery ... so I guess I'll be doing a "Crisis cleaning" the next couple of days!!!

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sharonfruit said...

Graeme and I will come and help when we are up in a few weeks! Don't tell Graeme I said that though ;o)

Sharon xx