Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Yet another one .. and public transport!!!

Got up this morning at 6:30am to leave the house at 7am to be at the clinic around 8am.

All went well until I had to switch buses ... the next 33 (my normal bus to the hospital) from West End to the clinic was not due for another 15 mins, so I got onto another bus to have a bigger selection of buses from the bridges.

In total we seem to have 3 buses that are actually going THROUGH town to get to the hospital ... and guess what ... they all were running about every 10-15 mins! We have the blinking 22 running every 5 mins MAX to get from one shopping centre to another (Gyle to Ocean Terminal) but don't have EXPRESS BUSES to get to the hospital!!! What a FARCE!!!

Think next time I'll try either the 21 or the 32 ... see whether it takes me much more than 1 hour 20 mins that I am doing at the moment with 1 change - both of them would be without changing buses but might be a bit of a "city tour" of the outskirts of Edinburgh.


As for the blood test - went surprisingly well, I'd expected a lot more "poking about" but Haideh just had one stab and the syringe was in. And that being the 2nd day on the same arm.

Phoned them after lunch and ... guess what ... I'm to go back for yet another blimming test tomorrow between 8 and 9am!!! It's one of my days off and I don't get a lie in!! The waiting for the "surge" is really doing my head in, I am totally shattered/tired from the constant getting up early (yep, last Sunday as well due to Youth training) and not being tired enough (or maybe even too tired???!) to fall asleep before 12pm!!

Ah well.. gotta do some Wolvesy stuff and then will retire to the bedroom ... reading a book or something like that.

Hope to do some scrapping & Xmas cards tomorrow!

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