Friday, 30 November 2007


Well, didn't expect anything else really. At least it's not limbo.

Doing ok, still get a little pull on the right side (probably the cyst) but not bleeding anymore. Sciatica-like pain in the bum is gone as well.

As I had my big cry and rant already I am doing ok. Not 100% sure how DH is coping, he only took 1/2 day off. We're back on the waiting list, no more NHS funding - next cycle probably in May and follow up appointment in January.

Concentrating on Christmas from tomorrow?! Getting the house ready, cards made and sent etc. Can't believe it's already the 1st tomorrow and 1st Advent on Sunday! And I haven't done much in respect of prepping for Christmas.


Anam_Kihaku said...

that sucks. i feel for you and wish i could do soemthing *hugs*

Joanne Cowie said...

Oh hunny sorry about the result, sending cyber hugs your way.