Saturday, 17 November 2007


Got into clinic just in time (bit of traffic around bypass) and got changed. Different team this time (Dr Selma (?) instead of Dr Raja, Haideh instead of Laura, but think the embryologist was the same as last time) so have good hopes now. :) All women team as well, DH thinks that's an even better sign but couldn't cope with twin girls. ;D ;D

They defrosted our first 2 embryos (from cycle May 2006) instead of the ones from the NHS cycle this year - but because both have survived they didn't even bother defrosting 2 more ... so we still got 4 ^snowflake^ in the freezer! :) And even better - our embies decided to go ahead nicely with cell splitting, so now I've got

2 beautiful 8-cell embryos

onboard! :)

Lots of good things going on this weekend, including DH's birthday yesterday ... and testing on St. Andrew's day!

That just HAS TO WORK!!!! :D

HUGS - back to put my feet up now. :) And enjoying being PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise) !!! WAHEY!!!!


Heather said...

Glad things are going well thus far.

Praying you'll move from being PUPO to being a Mummy, with a baby (or two!) in your arms.

Lars said...

Got my fingers crossed for you and Doug, Kat.

Take care. xxxx