Friday, 2 November 2007

Back in the game...

Well, that's me ... day 1 of the cycle - this time a bit different, as it's going to be a FET (frozen embryo transfer). Meaning: I am not doing any injections. Means also that I have to go regularly to EFREC for blood tests. JOY!! Ah well... suspect it will be twice per week.

The news from one of my fellow EFREC girls that she had a miscarriage at 6 (?) weeks AGAIN (last cycle the same) worries me a bit. What if I am the same? That the m/c from last cycle was not just a "jump start" but showing that I CAN get pregnant with the help of IVF, but not STAY pregnant? What if the embryos don't survive the thaw process? Means we get a full cycle on NHS/LHB, but also means we have to wait longer...

Too many questions, and I don't really like that. People going through the hardship and pain (!!!) of IVF etc should get a guaranteed pregnancy/delivery! That's what I think. :(

Ok, back to feeling bad now ... got cramps and would rather be at home doing stuff instead of being at training. :(

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