Thursday, 15 November 2007


Went in for the blood test today at 8:25, had Susan taking the blood and then was told that the head consultant wanted to see me regarding my cyst but he was at the Western and wouldn't be back until 9:30am. HUH! So we went and I treated DH to a nice filled Croissant in the cafeteria. Smiley Not that he deserved it but he had to have some food in the tummy, otherwise his bad mood would've just risen!

Cyst is still there, still 6cm diameter, but not growing (and the last scan was 1.5 weeks ago). We had a bit of a talk after the scan regarding our options, whether to go ahead or not. But as we're doing a natural cycle this time we think it's safer to go ahead with the tx instead of having yet another laparoscopy and another delay.

Just phoned the clinic and I am in for ET on Saturday morning! Shocked Geeesh, what a change! And we don't have to get up early tomorrow for another blood test! So if DH gets tomorrow off he can enjoy his birthday! Smiley


Anonymous said...

DH's always deserve to be given a treat.

Have you hugged your DH today?

Kat said...

Teeheee... not had a chance yet, but will make sure he gets a big hug when he gets home! :)

Dörte said...

ok ... ich versteh zwar immer nur die Hälfte was so gerade bei dir los ist(weil ich halt die englischen Begriffe überhaupt nicht zuordnen kann), aaaaber ... ich denk immer zwischendurch an dich und wünsche dir soooo viel Glück !!!!

Heather said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow, Doug.

And good luck both for Saturday's ET.