Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Back at work

A day later than usual, but still feeling tired. :o Not to mention hot flushes (uh uh ... no reading into "symptoms") etc.

Got most of my workload done at least and had a nice lunch with Lisa. When I came home I found a box from Germany ... my "Adventskalender" from the Scrapbookseite Forum. :) Wonder how I will put it up - hang it up on the wall? Put it somewhere in a box or something like that? Something to look into. :) Looking forward to opening the individual gifts! :) Will add the photo tomorrow. :)

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C D said...

Thanks for my b/day wishes, and seems like you have my email addy...

it is way late right now, so I'm heading to bed, but a 'catch everyone up' Christmas letter is coming... soon.... soon...

I had a fabby surprise party, but alas, no Scotland surprises this year :-(

Will be sending good vibes, thoughts & prayers re: PUPO!!