Friday, 23 November 2007

Great evening with Friends... :)

We had a great evening with Sharon & Graeme. It's not very often we see each other since they moved down to "The Big Smoke" (how dare they!!! ;) ) but still try our best everytime.

I met up with them for lunch during our weekend for the NFL Game we decided that we would go to Khublai Khan the next time they are up - and that's where we went.

I went to work today as this meant I wouldn't have to go into town later on and I also was able to get the Thursday off to hand off stuff for wee Pam's mom for the Christmas Market at the HQ of my work. Meeting up at Chocolate Soup again (where else!!! ;) ) and we had a nice time chatting there. G had to leave us early to catch up with other friends, so we girls had a nice natter and then walked to St. James' Centre to meet up with Doug - who was delayed and that way gave us a chance to go shopping at The Works (got 3 Xmas pressies!!). :)
When arriving at KKs G was delayed and I think we may have tested the patience of the mostly foreign waiting staff who didn't handle it very well... I know, we had booked a table at 6pm, and it was for the pre-theatre dinner, but getting the sentence "So then hurry up!" from one of the waitresses wasn't really handling it well ... I've been working all my working life in Customer Service and KNOW the "Ins" and "Outs" of how to deal with a customer, even if you're p****d off with them. :(

G arrived finally and we were quickly getting into munching. :) And after 2 trips to the BBQ buffet and ordering our desserts we were STILL faster than the people on the table next to us ... ah well, who cares.

Doug's very understanding with the staff at KKs (that man never worked in CS apart from selling stuff!! ;) ) and while I understand the whole situation I still think it still was a slip of the tongue from that person ... But on the other hand, as I already said they are non-native speakers and handling "unhappy" situations is not that easy if you're not having 100% grasp of the language.

ANYWAY! We always enjoy our trips to KHUBLAI KHAN!! :)
VERY GOOD FOOD and usually GOOD CS. :) and I am sure this was a one-off.

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Heather said...

LOL at being told "So then hurry up"!

I like your Christmassy blog template. Will be a nice background for the Christmas journal layouts. ;)