Monday, 5 November 2007

Day 4 of FET cycle

We went to EFREC this morning (very inconsiderate of them ... on my day off to appear at 9:20am with a 30-70 mins trip there. ;) )

Scan showed thin lining (normal at that stage) and ... guess what ... yet another bloody cyst (in the truest sense of the word ... chocolate cyst again! 6x6cm). The doctor is happy to leave it be just now, but you never know, during the whole FET cycle I may just get it drained ... maybe...? The finding would explain the more crampy period pains I had this time around. :o

Back for another scan next Monday between 8-9am. And then maybe daily until we figure out when ovulation date is (well... the daily testing is mentioned in the paperwork I got, but not sure if that's going to happen?).

Doug thinks that the ET will be on his birthday!! ;) Ach well... we'll see.

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