Monday, 5 November 2007

Christmas Journal - take 4?! :)

YAY!!! It's going to happen again this year. And I have best intentions to finish the journal/scrapbook this year. :) Probably will do some of the journalling up front.

What I am talking about? Shimelle's class/workshop "Christmas Journal". It's a great class, and once you've signed up for the first time you are automatically invited to the chat group & gallery every year thereafter. :)

As I said already, it's the 4th year for me - first year I signed up and didn't do ANYTHING, in 2005 I did the first LO and that was that - last year I was able to do 6 more LOs. Am keen to finish this scrapbook this time round though, as it is hopefully the last Christmas as a twosome... :)

You can see the existing LOs in blog posts from December 2006. :)


Heather said...

Thanks for letting me/us know this is starting up again. I'll look forward to the e-mail.

And I'll try to join you in getting more pages done this year!

Lars said...

I'll have to try and find my journal from last year!