Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Yes, I survived day 3

of that 60 mins 3x per week regime Stewart signed us up for. ;) It's actually getting better/easier, and as long as I am remembering my knee and am careful if it feels like it starts hurting, then I should be fine.

Let's face it - it's mostly BORING. Even with my MP3 player. Usually nothing interesting on TV either, so I think from tomorrow I'll bring one of my Sports Therapy books with me so I can do something useful and catch up again.

Had the cryo cuff on yesterday for around 30 mins and that was all. Knee was fine this morning.

Work was ok, lots of urgents that I get left, right and centre, and one case that's getting on my nerves as the other teams involved think I/my team can solve the problem, but we can't - we just don't have the info needed, and I told the other team that about 5 times over the last week. Let's hope the problem gets solved tomorrow, as getting e-mailed about it & replying/trying to find out who can help has cost me 1 hour today alone!!

Still have to do 3 birthday cards and a CJ entry. Might try a card tomorrow but am not too hopeful, as it will be the "weights" induction by Stewart, so I suspect we will be at the gym for at least 1.5 hours!!! And I have to cook new dinner when I get home. The crafty bits are more likely to get done on Thursday.

Oh ... and I am feeling puffy .. got a slight headache as well, and wonder if I have a sinusitis coming along .... :o

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