Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Booked my annual trip to London!

Finally recovered enough from the shock of the prizes and managed to book my train tickets to London for my annual "Sharon visit" and Ally Pally. :) It's blimming £63 - that's nearly £40 more than last year! Think I have to book once I know the dates for autumn Ally Pally 2009 so I get the lowest fare of £14 each way!!!

Anyway, it's not a full week, as I have my (so far) last Zoladex injection on the Friday, but will leave at noon the same day and return on the Wednesday (so I don't lose out on working my 2 days and getting "holiday hours" for Florida!). Should be enough time with Sharon & her BF. But then ... there's never enough time to spend with them really, specially since they moved to "the big smoke".

Looking forward to the trip though, may be even able to catch up with some old work colleagues from 1998's WORLDxCHANGE!! :) Have to speak to Trev about that.

Just have to stick to very tight budget for Ally Pally ... because I know I will be spending scrapbooking money in Orlando as well.. :) ;)

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