Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Ok... it's not that I haven't been back to the gym in a while ... I just started to get regular again, and did 20 mins cardio-ish (walking as per Chip as running on the Treadmill is no good for me because of my knees) and then usually 40 mins resistant weights.

Today DH had his induction again (last one was about ... errr... several years ago), and the instructor was Stewart, the only one left from the "old crew". Sooo.... a look in the PC showed we haven't been the most regular gym users over the last year (oops!) so they worry about us leaving. ;)

And what does he do? He's putting us through 60 (!!!!!!) mins of cardio!!! Just to make up for the times we haven't been down. ;) ok, it was only 57 mins for me, but it's really killed me. :D Have to do the same again Friday, Monday and Wednesday. Then Wednesday it's weights induction.

EVIL!!! I always knew it!! But hey, Stewart said he lost 1.5 st in 8 weeks doing this program 5 days/week plus strict diet. PHEW! But then - he's a skinny guy, so didn't have that much to lose. Think DH and I have good chances without doing a program 5 days/week!! :D

Have been not bad with my weight program over the last couple of weeks, including assist chin/dips which deffo has put a stop to any bingo wings that may have been THINKING of forming.

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