Saturday, 6 September 2008

Cryo Cuff moments..

I usually don't use my cryo cuffs on myself. They are there for the Wolves mostly. My shoulders and my knee has never been injured or hurt that much to warrant to put on the cuff myself.

However... I DO have anatomically dodgy knees. My patellae (knee caps) are misshapen, one side longer than the other, and the apex is off centre as well. So long walks and jogging can cause problems (if I don't get the shin splints first, which can be due to avoiding knee pains).

As a teen I had problems with my knee locking or hurting when I slipped (ice or muddy surface, usually down hill). As a result I got the scans which confirmed the above. Was diagnosed with "Chondromalacia Patellae" at the age of 12 I believe. Never had any problems with dislocation/subluxation of the patellae though (TOUCH WOOD!).

Anyway, enough of the medical blurb - think the patella on my left leg must have shifted funnily yesterday when we did our 60 mins Cardio (bike & cross trainer), so now I am lying on the couch with my knee cryo cuff on (feels weird - even though I know how it works I always worry there's a leak when the water goes into the cuff - feels like it!!). Have taken prufen and now enjoy the smell of Yankee Candle's "Autumn Leaves" wax tart. And am grateful that Allan managed to get a new network cable, so I can be downstairs and still have Internet connection.

Will have to do 3 birthday cards later today, but until then I enjoy lazying about!

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